Compare Text Online – Free Diff Checker Tool

Have you ever needed to compare two texts to discover how they differed? If so, you understand how time-consuming and tedious doing things manually can be. Here is when a diff checker tool comes in handy. A diff checker tool is a piece of software that compares two pieces of text and displays the differences between them.

Text Compare

Original Text

Modified Text


Added. Deleted.

Benefits of Using a Diff Checker Tool

There are many benefits to using a diff checker tool:

  • Save time and effort: By automating the process of comparing texts, diff checker software can save you a lot of time and work.
  • Improve accuracy: Diff checker programs can assist you in ensuring the accuracy of your comparisons by indicating any discrepancies between the texts.
  • Increase productivity: By making it easy to compare texts, diff checker software can help you increase your productivity.

How to Use Our Compare Text Tool

Our Online Text Comparator is extremely easy to use. Copy and paste the first text into the Original Text section and the second text into the Modified Text section, and you will see the modifications in the box below.

Functions of the Tool

There are two input fields in the tool, one for the original text and one for the modified text. Below both boxes, you can see how many characters the content in each section consists of.

The result is shown in a new text box, where the characters that have been removed from the original text are marked in red and those that have been added to the box containing the modified text are marked in green.

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