Random Name Picker: Draw a Winner at Random

Welcome to the Random Name Picker, the perfect tool for drawing a winner at random from a list of names or items. Whether you’re running a contest, giveaway, or just need to make a fair decision, our tool makes it easy to pick a winner with just a few clicks.

Pick/Draw a Winner


What is Random Name Picker?

Random Name Picker is a program that allows you to choose a name or object at random from a list. It comes in handy when you need to make a fair and unbiased decision, such as selecting a winner for a contest or giveaway. With Random Name Picker, you may enter a list of names or things, customize the settings, and then let the tool choose one or more winners at random. It’s a simple and straightforward method for making unbiased conclusions.

How to use our Draw a Winner tool?

Simply enter your list of names or things, fine-tune the settings, and let our tool handle the rest. Try it now and see how simple it is to select a winner at random!

A brief description of our settings to make the draw even better.

  • Number of Winners: You can use this feature to tell the tool how many winners to choose. The program will only select one winner by default, but you can increase this number if you wish to draw numerous winners at the same time. Simply enter the required number of winners into the “Number of Winners” input form, and the tool will choose those many names or items at random from the list. If you’re hosting a contest or giveaway with many rewards, or if you need to make multiple judgments at the same time, this is a great tool.
  • Remove Winner from List: This function allows you to automatically remove the selected winner from the list of names or items after they have been chosen. This is useful if you want to draw multiple winners and don’t want the same name or item to be selected more than once. When this function is enabled, the selected winner will be removed from the list, and the next winner will be chosen from the remaining names or items.
  • Unique Winners Only: This function assures that each winner chosen by the tool is distinct. When this option is enabled, the tool will not choose the same name or item more than once, even if it appears in the list many times. This is useful if you want to confirm that each winner is unique and that no copies exist.

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