Change Case: Convert Text to Lowercase or Uppercase

With a few simple clicks, you can convert text to lowercase or uppercase. Our tool can help you get the formatting just right whether you’re working on a document, a website, or a social media post.

Change Case Tool

What is Change Case Converter?

A Change Case Converter is a tool that allows you to change the case of text. For example from Lowercase to Uppercase, and from Uppercase to Lowercase.

Why use Change Case Converter?

If you write a text incorrectly, it is easier to change the case with a single click than to rewrite the whole text.

What is Lowercase?

Lowercase, also known as minuscule, refers to the smaller form of letters in the written representation of certain languages. In other words, lowercase letters are the opposite of uppercase or capital letters. For example, the letter “a” is the lowercase form of the letter “A”. Lowercase letters are generally used in regular text for legibility and are the more common variant in regular text.

What is Uppercase?

Uppercase, often known as capital letters or majuscule, refers to the larger version of letters used in particular languages’ written representation. Uppercase letters are thus the inverse of lowercase or tiny characters. The letter “A” is the uppercase form of the letter “a,” for example. Uppercase letters are often reserved for specific uses, such as the initial letter of a sentence or the first letter of a proper word (a process known as capitalization), making lowercase the more prevalent variant in regular writing.

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