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Celsius to Rankine Converter

What is Celsius?

Celsius (°C) is a metric temperature scale used in most countries around the world. It is based on the freezing point of water at 0°C and the boiling point of water at 100°C under standard atmospheric pressure.

What is Rankine?

Rankine (°R) is an absolute temperature scale based on the Fahrenheit scale that is similar to the Kelvin scale. This temperature unit, named for the Scottish engineer and physicist William John Macquorn Rankine, measures temperatures relative to absolute zero, comparable to Kelvin. Absolute zero on the Rankine scale is 0 °R, and temperatures are recorded in degrees Rankine. Rankine is mostly utilized in thermodynamics and engineering, especially in the United States.

What is the Celsius to Rankine formula?

The following is the formula for converting Celsius to Rankine:

°R = (°C + 273.15) × 9/5


°R = (°C + 273.15) × 1.8

How to convert Celsius to Rankine?

Converting Celsius to Rankine needs only two simple steps:

1. Consider the temperature in Celsius that you want to convert.
2. Add 273.15 to the Celsius temperature.
3. To get the temperature in Rankine (°R), multiply the value by 1.8 or 9/5.

To convert 25°C to Rankine, for example:

°R = (25 + 273.15) × 1.8
°R = 298.15 × 1.8
°R = 268.47

As a result, 25°C equals roughly 268.47 Rankine (°R).

Absolute Zero, Freezing point, Boiling point

Absolute Zero-273.15 °C0 °R
Freezing point0 °C491.67 °R
Boiling point100 °C671.67 °R

What are some common conversions from Celsius to Rankine?

Here are some common conversions from Celsius to Rankine:

  • -10°C = 413.67 °R
  • -5°C = 427.67 °R
  • 0°C = 491.67 °R
  • 5°C = 509.67 °R
  • 10°C = 527.67 °R
  • 20°C = 563.67 °R
  • 30°C = 599.67 °R
  • 40°C = 635.67 °R

Table of Celsius to Rankine Conversions

Celsius (°C)Rankine (°R)
-25°C427.67 °R
-20°C419.67 °R
-15°C407.67 °R
-10°C413.67 °R
-5°C427.67 °R
0°C491.67 °R
5°C509.67 °R
10°C527.67 °R
15°C545.67 °R
20°C563.67 °R
25°C581.67 °R
30°C599.67 °R
35°C617.67 °R
40°C635.67 °R
45°C653.67 °R
50°C671.67 °R

What is the purpose of the Celsius to Rankine converter?

The Celsius to Rankine converter’s goal is to provide a simple and precise technique for converting temperatures between Celsius (metric system) and Rankine (imperial system). It enables users to easily switch between two temperature units, which is especially useful in scientific and engineering sectors where both scales are employed. The converter enables exact temperature conversions, making it useful for thermodynamics, engineering, and industrial applications. Users can use this tool to bridge the gap between Celsius and Rankine, getting insights into absolute temperatures and explore the intriguing world of temperature measurements.

How do I use the Celsius to Rankine converter?

The converter is simple to use. Simply enter the temperature in Celsius into the designated field, and the tool will display the translated temperature in Rankine immediately.

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