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Online WebP Compressor – WebP Image Size Reducer

You can reduce the size of WebP photos with our free online tool, the WebP Size Reducer. Available from any device with an internet connection, the online application is simple to use. Simply upload the WebP image you want to compress to the website to use the Online WebP Compressor. The image will then be compressed by the tool, and you can download the result.

WebP Compressor / WebP Image Size Reducer

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What is an Image Compressor?

An image compressor is a software application or online tool that reduces the size of image files by removing redundant data. This can be done without losing any significant quality, making it a useful way to save space on your computer and phone or to make images easier to share online.

What is WebP?

Google created the contemporary image format known as WebP, which makes use of both lossy and lossless compression to reduce file size. Compared to JPEG photos of comparable quality, WebP images might be up to 26% smaller. The majority of contemporary browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera, also support WebP pictures.

Why compress WebP images, photos?

There are a number of reasons why WebP images may need to be compressed. First, WebP compression can help to make your photographs smaller in file size, which can help you save space on your machine (PC, laptop, phone, SD Card and so on) or make it simpler to share your images online taking into account the restrictions on uploading sizes. Second, WebP image compression helps speed up the loading of your photos on websites, which can enhance visitor experience.

What is Compress Quality?

You can select the compress quality setting when you compress a JPG. The amount of data lost during compression is determined by this setting. The file size will be less with a smaller quality level, but there may be a tiny reduction in image quality. Although a higher compress quality setting will result in a greater file size, the image quality will be better.

How to use WebP Image Size Reducer?

Just upload the image, then use the slider to set the quality you want. The result is instant. You also get instant feedback on the compressed image size. (Compression speed depends on your device.)

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