Compress JPG to 300 KB – Reduce JPEG Image Size to 300KB

When a photograph has a huge file size, sharing it online or via email can be difficult. Large files might be slow to upload or download in addition to taking up more storage space. One method to shrink the image file while preserving quality is compression. It will be simpler for you to share your photographs with others if you use this online software to help you compress a JPG image to 300 KB.

Compress JPG to 300 KB

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What is an Image Compressor?

An image compressor is a software application or online tool that reduces the size of image files by removing redundant data. This can be done without losing any significant quality, making it a useful way to save space on your computer and phone or to make images easier to share online.

What is JPG or JPEG?

Popular image file type JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) uses lossy compression to reduce file size. This indicates that some data is lost during compression, but generally speaking, the overall quality of the image is not greatly impacted. JPEG is a suitable option for picture compression because the small file size won’t degrade the image quality when used to create images for computer screens.

Why compress JPGs?

There are a number of reasons why JPGs might benefit from compression. First, reducing the file size of your photographs with JPG compression can help you free up space on your machine or make it simpler to share your images online. Second, by compressing JPGs, you can increase the speed at which your photographs load on websites, which will benefit your visitors’ experience.

What is Maximum Size?

In the tool, you can specify the size of the image you want to get. However, this size is not always available, it depends on the image you select and the size you want to achieve. If the uploaded image is too large and the desired size is too small, compression is not possible and the system will notify you. But it will perform the best compression available.

How to use JPEG Image Size Reducer?

Just upload the image, then set the maximum size of the image you would like to receive. The result is instant. If the set size is not reached, the system will give you a warning or use the highest possible compression. You will get immediate feedback on the result achieved. (The compression speed depends on your device, so please wait.)

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