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Online Deflate/Inflate Decompressor

The Online Deflate/Inflate Decompressor is a free online tool that allows you to decompress datas that have been compressed using the Deflate algorithms.

Deflate Decompressor

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What is Deflate?

Deflate is a lossless data compression technology used to minimize file size. Deflate is a hybrid of two previous techniques, LZ77 and Huffman coding. LZ77 recognizes and stores repeated data sequences as a single reference, whereas Huffman coding provides variable-length codes to symbols based on their frequency of occurrence.

What is Deflate Decompress?

Restoring a compressed file to its original state through deflate decompression. The procedures that were completed during the Deflate compress phase are reversed during the Deflate decompress process. This entails locating the data sequences that are repeated throughout the file and returning them to their original state.

Uses of Deflate Decompression

For instance, if you want to modify a file or use it with an application that doesn’t support Deflate compression, you may need to decompress the file first.

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