Online JavaScript Escaper & Unescaper

This is a basic online tool for escaping and unescaping JavaScript code. It’s simple to use and can be accessed with any computer browser

JavaScript Escape / Unescape

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a computer language for creating interactive web pages. It is a client-side scripting language, which means that it is run on the user’s computer via the web browser.

What is Escape?

Escape is the process of transforming special characters into their escaped form in JavaScript. This is required because some characters in JavaScript have specific meaning and, if not escaped, can cause issues. The backslash character, for example, is used to escape other characters, so if you wish to use one in your JavaScript code, you must escape it by preceding it with another backslash.

What is Unescape?

The process of reverting escaped characters to their original form is known as unescape. This is required when displaying escaped characters in a web page. If you have a string that contains an escaped backslash, for example, you must unescape it before showing it in the web page.

Escape Characters in JavaScript

There are a number of special characters that need to be escaped in JavaScript.

  • Horizontal Tab is replaced with “\t
  • Vertical Tab is replaced with “\v
  • Nul char is replaced with \0
  • Backspace is replaced with \b
  • Form feed is replaced with \f
  • Newline is replaced with \n
  • Carriage return is replaced with \r
  • Single quote is replaced with \’
  • Double quote is replaced with \”
  • Backslash is replaced with \\

How to escape in JavaScipt?

The escape() function is deprecated in JavaScript. This means that it is still supported, but it is not recommended for use in new code. The escape() function has been replaced by the encodeURIComponent() function, which is a more secure way to escape characters.

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